Harsh Pateria is synonymous to what Primo Pick N. Pack stands for: simple, yet dynamic. As an 18-year-old-getter, he sought employment as a maker of mineral powders for Colgate. His core values of hard work and undeterred persistence were greatly shaped by these early years or his life.

Being a multifaceted individual by nature, he was responsible for the Baidyanath Ayurveda unit for medicine for a brief period. While he engaged in these pursuits, the idea of starting his own business took root in the back of his mind. He envisioned a dynamic manufacturing space that would create both employment and overall development in the area of Jabalpur. An unflinching drive pushed him forward, and led him to the path of storage solutions: Primo Pick N. Pack Private Limited.

His strong work ethic continues to grow commitment to the future of Primo Pick N. Pack. Despite his numerous professional commitments, Mr. Pateria makes time for the mission that is truly important to him: community prosperity and development. He serves as a dedicated and generous trustee with organizations such as the Mahakoshal Shaheed Smarak Trust and the Shri Gopal Lal Ji Maharaj Trust.